Drawings - Narrative

Collection of various drawings that highlight a narrative or theme. Graphite, colored pencil, ink, watercolor, gouache, digital.


Drawings inspired by books I’ve read.

Personal Work

Snakes, 2014

Rebuttal, 2014

Realize, 2012

Mr. Gormanizer, 2012

Drawings from the book Mr. Gormanizer and Mr. Osterizer are both doing very well, their influences never cross, and they never meddle in one another's business. by Ross Hernandez and Cathy G. Johnson

Practicing Degenerates, 2011

Remember What It Was, 2009

What I wrote about this book in 2010: This piece is trying to document contrasting emotions and events over a period of time. The images and text are sporadic, with a consistent shift in style. This can represent the blind groping one goes through in order to “find oneself,” or even to make sense of strange situations and emotions. This book, really, is a juvenile attempt to find the profound in the everyday. The core of this book is the idea that in order to be taken seriously, one must “grow up.”