Drawings - Landscapes

Collection of various drawings with natural environments as their main subject. Graphite, ink, watercolor, watercolor pencil.

Scotland, 2019

June 14 - 25, 2019, journal drawings from a family trip to Scotland. Graphite, watercolor pencils, watercolor paints. Available for purchase in a zine publication here.

Texas, 2018

On November 10 - 12, 2018, I took a short trip to West Texas. Here is the landscape sketch journal I kept at that time. Graphite, colored pencil, watercolor pencils, watercolor paints.

Summer Travel Zine 2018: From Home to Home and Back

In the summer of 2018, I took a 2-week trip to celebrate my 29th birthday. I documented my trip in a diary, making observational ink washes, and writing down musings on life transitions, and how I got to be where I am.

“It’s the price of rootlessness. Motion Sickness. The only cure: to keep moving.” -Angels in America

Journal zine with illustrations, 24 pages, 8.5” x 5.5” trimmed, black + white digital printing, 28lb bright white paper, stapled. Available for purchase here.

Summer Watercolors, 2014

During the summer of 2014, I got into the habit of staying up all night, driving to either a lake or the Atlantic Ocean, and swimming during the sunrise. These are observational paintings of the water during sunrise.

France / Sleep All Night, 2012

Graphite illustrations, either from imagination, personal photo reference, or both. Inspired by a recent trip to France, as well as my time at my family’s lake cabin.

Castles Zine, 2011- 2012

A collection of castles sketches from traveling around France.

Landscape Series, 2011

An existential narrative drawing series I worked on during the final days of graduating undergrad.

Going Back, 2011

A memoir sketch journal I created on a drive from my then-home Minnesota, to my old-home Baltimore, Maryland.

Summer, 2010

Me and my friends Caitlin and Tessa used to go on summer road trips, driving around the Midwest. We went on this trip three times, parts of this journal is documenting our final trip together.

Travel Journals, 2009 - 2010

From Sepember 2009 to January 2010 I was on a study abroad trip to England. From there I traveled to many places around the UK. During the winter holidays I then traveled Europe for three weeks. These are journals where I wrote as much as I could about these experiences, and observationally sketched as much and as often as I could. They are in handmade books I made over the summer beforehand, specially for this trip.