Online collection of my comics, which have all seen a state of print in one way or another. Created with graphite, inks, watercolors + digital editing.

Graphic Novels

The Breakaways

The Breakaways is my upcoming graphic novel from First Second, coming 2019! (Formerly titled No Dogs Allowed)


Sophie has tried to stay out of trouble, but tonight trouble has found her. On a lonely stretch of highway under a star-studded sky, she meets anarchist punks in a crack-up of metal and emotion that proves sometimes the freedom of youth causes damage along the way. (Rating: mature.)

Koyama Press, 2016


Jeremiah is the foreboding story of a teenager whose struggle with self-discovery may bring on the end of his world. A watercolor and ink graphic novel spanning 160 pages, Jeremiah explores the conflict between the physical and the inexplicable, asking questions about faith, adolescence and sexuality. (Rating: mature.)

One Percent Press, 2015


Printed + Online Works

Dear Amanda

(Rating: mature.)

Notable Mention in The Best American Comics 2016.

Thank God, I Am In Love

"Admire as much as you can, most people don't admire enough." -Vincent van Gogh (Rating: all-ages.)

 Co-published by Grindstone Comics and Czap Books, 2015

Lovers Only

Youth in Decline, 2015

(Rating: mature.)


Published in Happiness #4, 2014. (Rating: mature.)

Notable Mention in The Best American Comics 2015.



(Rating: all-ages.)

A Happy Death

Published in As You Were #3, Silver Sprocket, 2013. (Rating: mature.)


2013 (Rating: mature.)

behind every young girl's

2013 (Rating: mature.)


Until It Runs Clear

2013 (Rating: mature.)

Her Name Was Prudence

2012 (Rating: mature.)

"He fought like a little tiger in a trap"

 In collaboration with K Czap.

Other Comics

A collection of other miscellaneous comics.


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